Tuesday, July 31, 2012

that´s amazing

Diego Armando Maradona Franco born 30 October 1960 is an Argentine football player, current players and football fans  general consider at Maradona.  the best football player of all time. He won FIFA Player of the Century.

Albert Einstein, (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, effecting a revolution in physics. For this achievement, Einstein is often regarded as the father of modern physics  is generally considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century.

Humberto Fernández-Morán Villalobos (February 18, 1924 – March 17, 1999) was a Venezuelan research scientist born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, renowned for inventing the diamond knife, significantly advancing the development of electromagnetic lenses for electron microscopy based on superconducting technology, and many other scientific contributions.

He studied medicine at the University of Munich, where he graduated Summa cum Laude in 1944.
In the United States he was proposed to be nominated for the Nobel Prize, which he rejected because to be nominated he would have had to accept American citizenship, which he refused, wanting to maintain his Venezuelan nationality.
The body of Dr. Humberto Fernández-Morán Villalobos was cremated and his ashes rest today in his second homeland, Stockholm.


Friday, July 6, 2012

My classmates and their blogs

T411 may-Jul 2012

how’s your memory? dreams

my childhood memories
I remember it was very bad I am still good but not great, I spent fighting with my cousins ​​and brothers we started to play marbles and took them off and ran my brother was crying, but we had fun.
I also remember that we spent in the backyard flying kites and all dirty full of sand, also played spin.

My mother is Nubis she will sing to sleep, play with me and always made me laugh.
my brothers are Maikel and Moises.
I have more confidence with Maikel because it is smaller than me but older than Moises.
So many beautiful memories you would like a repeat.

My father is Vinicio Mujica
It's great father, because he cares about all my problems.
Not every day I visit but always aware of what I need, but he wants it his way.
Thanks to him I have never wanted for anything and although it shares much with us just what we love.

My father likes to play dominoes, watch sport.
Finally my father and I have something in common is that we are both fans of “Las águilas del  Zulia”.

Happy day of dad


I have at home a sovereign
one whom my soul reveres;
is the crown of gray hair
honor is the law and under his guidance.

In slow hours of misery and grief,
full of strong and manly constancy,
keep the faith with which I spoke of heaven
in the first few hours of my childhood.

The bitter proscription and sadness
in his soul opened incurable wound;
is old and in his head
the dusty road of life.

See the world the fierce storms,
the fate of unhappy times,
and passes, as Christ the Tiberias
standing on the hours curled.

Dry your tears, shut their pain,
and only his eyes fixed duty,
picks thorns and flowers spilled
on the path laid out for their children.

He said: "Whoever is good, bitterness
never cheeks wet with tears:
flower in the world of fortune
at the slightest breath leaves are removed.

"Do good without fear of sacrifice,
man has to fight calm and strong,
and who is evil and hates vice
a couch of roses in death.

"If you are poor, be satisfied and be good;
if you're rich, protects the poor,
and the same at home as in foreign
Guard your honor to live honest.

"He loves the freedom, freedom is the man
and most severe judge is consciousness;
save as much as you honor your name,
for my name and my honor are your inheritance. "

This code august, my soul could,
since I heard it being recorded;
in all storms was my shield,
of all storms has saved me.

My father is in his look serene
accurate reflection of his honest conscience;
How kind and good advice
amazed at the brilliance of his eyes!

The nobility of the soul is its nobility,
the glory of duty is his glory;
is poor, but holds his poverty
largest page in its history.

As the worship of my soul her love,
as luck would have to honor his name,
was love that inspired me as a child
the most sacred inspiration of man.

I want the sky to the song that inspired me
always love your eyes to see,
and all the verses of my lyre
these are worthy of its name

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Heroes

What is your hero of city ?
Francisco de Miranda  participated in the French Revolution for which he was awarded the title Hero of the Revolution and Marshal of France. It is the only American who has his name engraved on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. 1 The precursor of American Emancipation against the Spanish Empire. 2 The First Venezuelan Universal. 3 The most Universal American.

The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism or Lamaism 1 is a person full of wisdom.
 2 is an exceptional teacher of peace and love.
 3 is the reincarnation of Buddha on Earth
What is your heroes from the movies?
The Patriot is the story of an American drawn into the American Revolution when his family is threatened.
is veteran of the War  When his eldest son Gabriel enlists and when they kill his second eldest son, Thomas, decides to take justice into their own hands by fighting the redcoats under the command of the Colonial Militia.

What is your hero of country?
Henrique Capriles  is a Venezuelan politician and lawyer, is the governor of Miranda was the last and the youngest of the Vice President Congress, and president of the Chamber of Deputies  It is now also a candidate in the 2012 presidential election.

What is your heroes from the Cartoon ?
They are a group of young warriors called (saints or knights), These warriors fight to protect the Greek goddess Athena and humanity from evil forces who want to dominate the Earth. To his battles, every saint used his inner energy linked to the universe (the cosmos), their special fighting techniques, and their armor, all inspired by each of the 88 constellations, which represent them as gentlemen or Athena and Saints protected in the fighting.

What is your hero personal ?

she is Nubis
My mother is my favorite superhero is what gave me life taught me to win everything in life.
sobretos be responsible and respectful

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello, people! In this blog I will post my school homework for Level 4. I will use it to practice writing, listening, speaking and reading. Also, I will share it with my classmates and people from the world. So, let's start with a little about me. My name’s Marcos Mujica. I’m from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo, urb. La Victoria I’m 28 years old and I study engineering at URBE. My favorite subjects are Physics. This trimester I am taking 4 classes and I am in the 4th trimester.
I love playing béisbolal. I do not like basketball. I like the race car,read news, I can eat all kinds of food, but my favorite is the pasta. I like going to the movies, walk my 2 pit bulls, their names are Kiaraand conversion.My biggest dream is to travel to Londes, I would like to visit every city in the United Kingdom. My goal is to graduate Engineer and I need little to do. I like to work in a major company, and create newemployment platform. I also dream to have a late model car.My English is not very good, but I will endeavor to improve it. is very important to learn English for my career and also to travel toEnglish-speaking countries Bueno.Well, it's all for now. It is said that wisdom is the effort to know, no ... I strive to know and do not consider myself wise, just an apprentice

About my friend Maria marin